How the Pet Loo System Works

Tired of those early morning toilet runs, and toilet walks in the freezing cold rain or snow, but don’t want those stains on the carpet. The Pet Loo Dog Potty is the answer.  A backyard in a box – A very clever solution for all your pet potty problems.

Here’s how it works:Backyard in a box

Synthetic Grass:
There are many varying types of synthetic grass on the market. The Synthetic grass used for The Pet Loo is of optimum quality to reduce your hassles. After lengthy testing, we have ensured that the perforations on the base mat guarantee maximum drainage.

For Maximum Drainage

For Maximum Drainage

The grass only needs to be replaced if you feel it’s necessary. For cleaning purposes pour warm water over the grass daily or alternatively lift it out and hose it down – remove the grass to allow it to dry. If you need to order replacement grass please see: Pet Loo Replacement Grass

The Base:
The base is slightly angled to assist gravity in the catching of urine. It is reinforced specifically to support the weight of an animal and is shaped to channel the urine towards the collection jug. To clean the base, simply remove the grass and wash the base down with warm water.   It is important, however, to know that the use of any cleaning agents on The Base may repel your animal and compromise the purpose of The Pet Loo.the-pet-loo-7

Catchment Jug:
The catchment jug holds approximately 1.75 liters of liquid and is situated in such a position that ensures the urine is filtered evenly. It is made of a material which is resistant to the acidity of urine and the smells which accompany it. The jug has been positioned and designed in a shape and size so that it is easily removed and waste can be poured down the toilet with no spillage.images

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about feces?
As you would in a normal backyard or park, simply scoop the feces from the top of the Pet Loo and dispose of it in a garbage bin or toilet.

Though great lengths have been made to make Pet Loo grasses as durable and tough as possible, The Pet Loo Grass will need replacing overtime. This will depend on how often you clean The Pet Loo, how many dogs are using it and the day to day positioning of The Pet Loo. Purchasing new grasses is at your discretion.

Can I move The Pet Loo around or does it have to stay in one place?
You may need to do this in the beginning training stages, however, please note that a sudden change to their toileting habits may confuse them. Make sure that you show your pet that you are moving the location promptly and in a positive manner. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Do I have to put it together myself?
The Pet Loo comes in one piece. So you can just put it out of the box and use it.

My Synthetic Grass seems to be losing grass blades around the edge. Should this be happening?
The Pet Loo Grass does not have finished edges as it would be a trap for urine and feces.  It is normal for the grass to shed at the edges, just as a new carpet would. This should subside over time and is nothing to worry about in terms of the product’s effectiveness.

Cleaning instructions:
Daily: Pour warm water over the grass to flush out any excess urine.
2-3 Times per Week: Spray Pet Loo Wee Care on the Loo and grass – let dry.
Weekly: Remove the grass from the unit and wash it down with high powered water – (ideally a hose or in the shower until liquid is clear). Then spray Wee Care onto the unit and grass.
Air out/dry. To ensure the grass dries after washing make sure it is aired out and dried before reusing on unit.

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