Miniature Schnauzers Solve Praire dog problem

You want to hear a good dog/cat story? A true one!

So I’m taking care of my mom who just had surgery on her left thumb, and she is #petsitting my sister’s black Collie and their two feisty kitties…So these guys are redoing the pavement in front of the garage so water won’t come in, and the schnauzers next door chase a prairie dog into the garage!  I find it when the two kitties are sneaking up on it.  So I want to take a picture, but then it disappears behind the water heater, so I take the cats inside and open the garage door and bang on everything to get it scared enough to run outside. Then I wait for 4 hours….
Later I let the cats in to sniff it out…nothing, so I think its gone. The next morning, my mom wakes me up to tell me the two cats and the prairie dog are sitting in the middle of the dining room floor looking at each other. By the time she shows me, its gone.
      So what do you do, if you have a wild squirrel in your house?  We get the neighbor, whose dogs chased it in the garage, to come over and sniff the place out. Since our cats and Talon have made friends with it now. So before we can put the cats in another room and close the door, the neighbors Schnauzers come in the front door and are chasing the cats under the couch. So I try to grab the cats and get scratched! Now the cats are under the couch, and the schnauzers sniff them out, so when we lift it there is nothing but the cat.  Next I take them out to the garage. So after sniffing around awhile, one of them has got something under the lawnmower, so I walk over and tilt it up and one of the dogs attacks! There is a squeaky scream, followed by  growls and both dogs are attacking it.       It had no chance! One schnauzer has it in his mouth growling and shaking it and the other has its back legs pulling and ripping it! After we stop them, the poor prairie doad is dead now.. So we don’t have to worry about catching it in a box, or it getting back into the house!
Now the neighbor dogs, who usually  keep us up at night with their barking til 2am, now have a purpose in life. The owner said they were bred in Germany to take care of pesky vermin like mice and ground hogs, so…..they did what they were supposed to do!
So after all this commotion the cats settle down to sleeping all afternoon!

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