How to keep your dog safe in a car


Saves the seat and your dog from falling off the seat

Saves the seat and your dog from falling off the seat

“Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents annually, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and the Travel Industry Association of America says 29 million Americans have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more in the past five years. With those kinds of numbers, it’s important to remember that pets have special needs on the road.”

Here are some tips to keep them safe:

1. Restrain your dog to a specific area in the car

2. Get them familiar & comfortable with your vehicle

3. Buy a Pet friendly vehicle like: Toyota Venza or Honda Element

4. Get Pet Insurance just in case

5. Make  sure they have their ID tags on in case of an accident

6. Have doggie clean up bags available.

7. Dogs need air and water, so crack the window and bring water for them to drink.


1. Don’t let them hang their head out the window. Can be fatal in an accident or they can get debris in their eyes

2.  Don’t put them in your lap. It isn’t safe for the dog, you or other people in front of your vehicle in emergency response situations

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