About Us

Hi  I’m Robin. I’ve always loved dogs and loved traveling, but didn’t know they went together.  My dad said that pets had to be outside, so dogs were in the back of the pickup, not up in the front seat with you. Times have changed, my youngest sister married a guy with a dog, so she has introduced house dogs to our family.  I have babysat and traveled with her dog many times, as she is a stewardess and flies all over.  Then my own daughter brought home a little shitsu, Reggie, who kept her from being lonely, and while he was visiting us, he got run over L!  It was tramatic! So then, she rescued a miniature poodle who was poorly treated.  She takes care of him like he was her very own child, and has become our grandpuppy (since we have no grandchildren yet!).  She brings him home everytime she comes home. He travels with her everywhere in her car.  She is always concerned about the health and safety of her little dog, Sammy, who is such a protective, loving companion.  Last time she came home she had a waterproof hammock for her little Sammy, so he wouldn’t jump up in the front seat or wet in her boyfriend’s car.  Now her boyfriend, fiancé, is getting a little cocker spaniel, so he can have his own companion. So now, safety is an issue for both of them and their dogs. 

Since I just retired, I too want my own doggie to keep me company and be my constant companion while my husband works.  I will be traveling a lot now since I have three beautiful daughters (two of which are engaged to be married) and a son that have left home for college and work. So I will be riding in cars with dogs.  And since we have to wear seat belts what about our beloved pets?  Since I’m a  Reading Specialist, I love to read and do research!  I have read up on all sorts of different kinds of traveling equipment for dogs and wanted to get them all in one place for others who are seeking safe travel for their pets.  I have sought out the best website hosting company to help me establish a business online.  They (ecommercepositioning.com) have been the most helpful, honest and reliable  webhosting company around that has helped me set up my very own fun website for dog lovers!


They have also help me set up two other websites including: fashionable handbags.net for my daughters love of handbags, and orthopedicpilowsunlimited.net for my parents, son and my own sleeping comfort. Feel free to check them all out on Facebook, and Twitter and come Blog with me!