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Most dogs love going on car rides. Even for those that get a bit nervous in the car, there’s no doubt that your friends would rather go somewhere with you than be left behind. Unfortunately, taking a dog on a trip in the car, especially a long one, can be problematic. When your dog is wandering around the car unrestrained, it can be a very unsafe situation. In the event of a car accident, there’s a substantial chance that your friend will be injured if he’s not secured in some way. We have dog car seats and safety harnesses which can be secured around the seat or connected to the seat belt to ensure that your dogs won’t go anywhere during a collision. That way, you can bring them along without having to worry. If you have one of those dogs that gets really excited during a car ride and won’t sit still, this can become rather distracting for the driver. You can keep your pets in the back with pet barriers that attach to the seats and block your dogs from climbing over them.

While the safety of your pets is going to be your first concern during a car ride, having a dog in the back seat can also be rough on your seats! Dog hair and claw marks can be a problem, especially on leather material. We have special pet seat covers that are designed to fit nicely over either the front passenger or back seat and protect your car from hair, scratch marks, or any accidents that the dog might have during the ride. These covers also work well for your couches and chairs at home. We also carry special SUV cargo liners for larger cars that have a cargo space in the back. This is an ideal place to have your dog sit during a car ride, and now you won’t have to worry about them when they’re back there.

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